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Do you run a B&B or Guest House in the UK?
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The Bed & Breakfast Association is the UK trade association for B&Bs and Guest Houses. It was judged best trade association in the UK for representing its members in the Trade Association Forum "Best Practice Awards" 2010 (read more...).

B&B owner Sue Burrell in North Yorkshire says that the B&B Association helped her to go from starting up in 2012 to being crowned "World's No. 1 B&B" by TripAdvisor in January 2015 (read how...).

The Association exists to inform, support and represent its member B&B owners throughout the UK (scroll down to the foot of this page for our full Objectives). Read more...

    "B&Bs are one of the glories of the British tourist industry...
    the antidote to the claustrophobic uniformity of chain hotels.
    Britain’s vast network of B&Bs is something that foreigners envy
    but appear unable to emulate."
    The Times, 12 June 2008

The "Bed and Breakfast" sector in the UK is a £2 billion 'cottage industry', consisting of some 25,000 small owner-managed businesses. The best of the new generation of B&Bs are everything tourists now look for: small-scale, individual, high quality and with one-to-one personal service. The total "bedstock" of independent B&Bs makes up a fifth of the total 'serviced accommodation' sector in the UK.

Hospitality contributes over £115 billion to the UK economy per annum. The hospitality industry generated 153,000 new jobs from 2010 to 2012, accounting for 27.7% of all new jobs created in the UK. Now responsible for 2.68 million jobs, hospitality is Britain's fourth largest industry.
British Hospitality Association
Agenda for 300,000 new jobs [March 2013]

Travellers choose to stay for over 50 million guest-nights in British B&Bs. The Bed and Breakfast Association exists to represent this vital sector of business, and to inform and support its members.

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Above: this video showing the value to tourism to the UK was launched on 31st March at a House of Commons reception attended by the Secretary of State for Culture. It is by the Tourism Alliance (of which the Bed & Breakfast Association is a member).

27 February 2013

B&B Association "Alert" leads to Arrest
of B&B Fraudster by Police

The B&B Association's member "Alerts" information has let to the Police arrest this month of a serial fraudster who owed money to a number of B&Bs and hotels after he left without paying. See our News page.

UK B&Bs "reign supreme"
- according to tourists worldwide

"Britain's B&Bs reign supreme" according to TripAdvisor's users: Britain lays claim to four of the world's top 10 B&Bs, seven of the top 10 B&Bs in Europe - and even takes second and third place in the best B&Bs in the world category.

TripAdvisor spokesperson Emma Shaw commented: "Yet again, Britain's B&Bs continue to be celebrated as some of the very best in the world"

Despite narrowly missing out on the honour of world's best B&B to a property in Italy, Athole Guest House in Bath takes second place in the World, while No1 in St Ives, Cornwall comes in third. All Seasons Guest House in Filey and St Michael's Guest House in Scarborough rank in sixth and seventh places respectively.



British B&Bs now rated 15% higher than hotels

British B&Bs are now outperforming their larger hotel rivals by over 15% on average, and the UK's hotels and B&Bs are now rated among the very best in Europe, data released on May 25th by TripAdvisor has revealed.

In 2011, the average TripAdvisor review rating on UK B&Bs was 4.47 compared to 3.87 on UK hotels. UK B&Bs are consistently rated higher in the Service category, with the average review rating in 2011 standing at 4.59 compared to 4.05 for UK hotels.


"Jail threat for those letting out
spare rooms during the Olympics"


After Hospitality Today (1st April) and our own member magazine Bed & Breakfast News raised the issue of competition for "bone fide" B&Bs by people offering their spare bedrooms on listings websites - without complying with all the rules our members have invested in complying with - The Times (6 April) has picked up this issue, warning that "homeowners hoping to cash in on the Olympics by renting out spare rooms could face prosecution if they fail to comply with health and safety rules".

There are ten times as many listings in London on just one "accommodation marketplace" website, Airbnb (4,376) as there are B&Bs (412). The Times says "The rise of the websites has frustrated bed and breakfast and guesthouse owners who have had to invest tens of thousands of pounds ensuring that their premises meet the required standards. In many cases the owners of private rooms for rent have no idea that they too must carry out a risk assessment to ensure the property meets current fire regulations".

As we asked in our member magazine, "is it one rule for us, and another for them?"

Read the Leader on this in Hopsitality Today by clicking here.

Above: The Association's Chief Executive was interviewed on Sky News on 5th April about the effect of the petrol shortages on tourism. He said "I think it is wrong that a small number of workers who happen to be in a privileged position can hold to ransom an industry [tourism] which is the third largest employer in the UK".

"Out with hotels, in with B&Bs" The Times, 12 Jan 2008

"British bed and breakfasts are set for a revival as hotels are now so expensive that most families cannot afford to stay in them" reports The Times on Saturday 12 January. Adam Raphael, editor of the Good Hotel Guide, is reported as saying that "B&Bs offer the best value", and that B&Bs "offer the best breakfasts in Britain".

Are you thinking of starting a B&B?

How to Start and Run a B&B, by Louise and David Weston
A comprehensive and practical book,"How to Start and Run a B&B", has been published by How To Books and is already on its second edition. It has been written by BBA Chairman David Weston and his wife Louise, based on their experience starting and running a four-star B&B in Dorset, and David's 20 years experience in travel and tourism. Read more...

    "If you're thinking of buying a B&B or you've just started in it.
    Solid advice, well written, good, up to date info especially on marketing"

                The Times Online, Book Review

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The Bed & Breakfast Association
The Bed and Breakfast Association

The Bed and Breakfast Association is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with the following objectives on behalf of its members (who are bed & breakfast or guest house owners in the UK):

1) To represent the interests of members, and to campaign on behalf of those interests (for example, to Government and regulatory bodies);

2) To provide information and support services to members, to enable them to improve and develop their businesses;

3) To facilitate and enable the continuous professional development of the independent bed and breakfast sector in the UK, and promote best practice;

4) To promote to the public the advantages of staying in independent “bed and breakfast” accommodation.

The Bed and Breakfast Association defines “bed and breakfasts” as independent, owner-managed establishments not recognized as hotels, and offering overnight accommodation and breakfast on a “per night” basis to paying guests. Our membership includes both B&Bs and guest houses.

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